Ready to be a part of an international education experience?

1. Submit Application Forms

Completed Application Forms with school records and a $300.00 non-refundable application fee will be received at any time while space is available. Please make contact to discuss if it is possible to process an application after September 1.

2. Review & Preliminary Acceptance

Application Forms and school records will be reviewed within five days. A preliminary letter of acceptance and an invoice for the application fee, tuition fee, homestay placement fee and airport pick up fee (if required) will be issued to successful applicants.

3. Official Acceptance

An official letter of acceptance, custodianship letter and receipt will be issued after receiving the initial payment outlined in our fee schedule. The Coordinator of International will provide the applicant with details of the homestay placement approximately two months prior to the commencement of school.

We will accept applications at any time through our efficient and easy to use online application system.

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